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Time Travelling Photographer
The first recorded history of information being passed down was through cave paintings. With the help of the printing press and later on photography, information can be transferred in a time never seen before and with such accuracy.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the leap has made time itself, superficial.

Using Dall-E 2 and what history has thought us about photography, we jump through time to anytime we want to see what's possible, in a blink of an eye.
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Van Gogh photographed by Terry Richardson
William Shakesphere photographed by Yousuf Karsh
Henry VIII photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki
Issac Newton photographed by Steven Klein
Aristotle photographed by Yousuf Karsh
Issac Newton photographed by Stanley Kubrick
A girl with the pearls earring photographed by Steven Klein
Vintage photography of a girl with the pearls earring1
Napolean Bonaparte photographed by David Lacapele
George Washington photographed by Peter Lindbergh
Leonardo Da Vinci photographed by Martin Schoeller
Vintage photography of Vincent Van Gogh