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Riot Games
The BattleOf Baron

A multiplayer story experience that weaponised Youtube Live comments.

Riot Games was launching Wild Rift, the mobile version of the world’s most popular PC game, League of Legends. But how do you turn League’s most passionate fans from mobile skeptics into Wild Rift champions? To unite fans new and old, we gave them the ultimate common enemy.


We gave fans a once-in-a-lifetime shot to team up globally and take down the most legendary monster of League of Legends by weaponising their YouTube Live comments.


An ancient purple serpent with a bad attitude, he’s been the big bad of League since the beginning. To defeat him, players have to work as a team. If they do, they score a huge advantage that usually unlocks victory.


To bring Baron to life, we live-rendered him in Unity to react to the YouTube Live Chat stream. By weaponising the YouTube chat function, we allowed fans to come together and fight him as one.

Youtube x Unity


We riled the community up with a global social campaign that showed Baron popping up around the world, and rampaging across our social pages.


Baron went live on YouTube, ambushing fans with his ferocious attacks. By typing in chat, fans could trigger attacks and abilities, battling Baron cooperatively. The monster responded dynamically to their tactics, losing health or becoming more enraged. After a close fight that had players on Discord screaming, it seemed like all was lost. But then fans unlocked the ability to summon the champions from Wild Rift for aid, giving them an added boost that let them finally triumph against the beast. 


1.65M comments in just 10 minutes450,000+ views and countingBeating sentiment benchmarks by 7x

Turns out even a sky-scraping purple serpent was no match for the wrath of our fans.

Battle Of Baron