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Riot Games
Star Guardian Cards

Meet the Star Guardians

They are a group of badass cosmic warriors who is also high-school student vow to protect the galaxy.A skinline for the game, inspired by Japanese anime. Everything from Japanese manga, video games, toys, and Otaku culture.

Star Guardian Cards

Promoting a skin-line by creating a digital collectibles inside Instagram Filter.

The Collections

The world of Star Guardian is not just about the champions, but also the small creatures that accompany each of them. To get more people interested, we create a collectible card game to get all these creatures using Instagram Filter. People can keep coming back to unlock all 37 cards.

Daily Experience

The filter invites people to keep coming back to collect more. Each hour is a chance to open another pack and complete the collection. With an average time spend of 1 minute and 87.8k packs open, truly a fun experience.

Breaking the Limit

With 37 cards to collect, we use many techniques that minimise file size limit of 4MB that’s allowed by Meta.From heavy use of procedural design that create shape with codes to using different render data to create a hologram effect that doesn’t each lots of memory. This enables us to ultimately build a mini-microsite within a filter.