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We want to position Jewel as the world’s Capital of Wonder.

Walk on clouds. Make friends with trees. Do your shopping amongst lush green forestry. This is a place where complexities and contradictions mix and mingle, and whose very existence seems only possible with a swing of the magic wand.
Get a taste of the experience
Our Cinematic Trailer
We wanted to invite people to see this world of wonder in a different way, through the eyes of our first visitors. We feature creatures that inhabit the garden, discovering its wondrous nature.
Get a taste of the experience
Sketch of Coco
Visual Juxtaposition
We carry the promise of wonder over to our key visuals. Each piece of communication contrasts nature’s wonder against urban elements, encapsulated in a series of unimaginable scenarios and sceneries, made possible by a clever trick of the eye.
Jewel Key Visual 1Jewel Key Visual 2
Leaving a Mark
Using data gleamed from the bookings on Jewel’s website, we hosted a live forecast on Twitter and promoted attractions with the shortest wait time on social media, through the eyes of the bird.